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Saturday17 May 2014

Little Bushman and The Nudge

at James Cabaret - The Jam, 5 Hania Street, Central Wellington
Little Bushman and The Nudge
with DJ Eclectica

Little Bushman are a group who could only have their roots in Aotearoa.

The Nudge are a fresh form of innovative blues.

Together they are as synonomous with Wellington as the wind! They gust in to the James Cabaret with a force that will be strong & powerful - promising to be one of the feature concerts of the Capital's New Zealand Music Month!

Little Bushman
Very much of the earth yet more than capable of connecting with the cosmos, there is a heady appeal to the music of Little Bushman. Though built upon a backbone of heavy blues and trance-like psychedelic rock, there is also something undeniably ‘New Zealand’ about the music and the band; their dense soundscapes layered with a deep sense of self and of our shared histories. “I feel that it is really important to try to make our music sound like it’s from here,” says singer/guitarist Warren Maxwell, “Hence the use of Te Reo Maori.”

As well as a proud appreciation of Maori-tanga, the Bushman gumbo is ladled with challenging but universal lyrical themes, ranging from the controversial NZ Terrorist Raids of 2007 and the massive division between the rich and the poor to the importance of respecting the world around us and valuing family.

The Nudge
As a trio, they are all individually inspired by multi genres of music that help to form a complex sound often termed as psychedelic swampy blues with an element of party. The songs have been loosely based around singer Ryan Prebble's style of writing, but as a band they interweave their ideas to create a thick organic sound with unique forms due to their very different musical backgrounds. One thing that is however certain, this is music for the soul and the feet!
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