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Thursday9 May 2013

Melting Faces w/ Daniel Boobyer, Project H

at Puppies, 118 Tory Street, Central Wellington
Melting Faces With Daniel Boobyer, Project H

Melting Faces:

The psychedelic garage folk blues soundscape that is Melting Faces formed with Jesse Walsh and Blair Clarke in 2009. Playing together in a grunge covers band and wanting to explore an original soulful endeavour, they started jamming on their own. Here Keith Cramlington enters and played bass to the primordial jams that grew into Melting Faces. They played their first gig at Happy (now Puppies), Wellington with Ben Lovell on drums and a snarling punk crowd in attendance. Ben Lovell was invited to the gig to sway his mind and by the end of the night Melting Faces was made.

Daniel Boobyer:

Daniel Boobyer is a young singer/songwriter living in Wellington.

His sound is self described as a 2000 year old hurricane caught in a blues musical, If that means Daniel does alternative composition by his own rules sounding intimately honest enough to lean over and put another log on the fire, but with enough experimentation with his song structure to intrigue and keep the bearded intellectuals up all night drinking whiskey discussing string theory. Then I'd agree.
- Shanon Reed
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