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Friday16 November 2012

Altmusic presents Keith (Fullerton) Whitman (US) - CANCELLED

at The Lodge (Masonic), 29 Wickliffe Terrace cnr Curry Street, Port Chalmers
It is with great regret that due to circumstances beyond Altmusic's control Keith (Fullerton) Whitman's tour of NZ is now cancelled - we offer our unreserved apologies to all artists and venues who generously committed themselves to this tour and hope to see Keith Whitman perform in NZ at a later date.

Unfortunately the forces of nature (ie. Hurricane Sandy) imposed themselves and ultimately prevented a much anticipated tour!

Please note that the PUPPIES show in Wellington will still be happening with a brand new head-liner. All ticket sales will be reimbursed in full.

Thank you on behalf of Altmusic and the Audio Foundation, please contact admin@audiofoundation.org.nz if you have further inquiries.

Keith Whitman is an electronic musician based in Massachusetts (US). Whitman's work travels towards the outer borders of electronic psychotropia – ferrying listeners through expertly crafted, cascading rivers of analogue/digital sound. Occupying the boundaries of Terry Riley-esque pulsing minimalism, ambient noise and improvised electronica, Keith Whitman's superbly textured, near-sculptural detail plunges listeners into trancelike states where deep listening is infinitely rewarded with a microverse of sound. Whitman's intensively researched knowledge of the history of electronica is reflected in his utterly personal approach to electronic music – this show will be a 'don't miss' performance by an international master.

“Whitman has an uncanny knack for taking the analog soundmakers and ring modulators of yore and applying his precise and detailed theoretical constructs to something that sounds, above all, musical.” - Pitchfork

“He's one of the few musicians capable of grasping electronic music in it's entirety, narrating how it warps and feeds back into itself... Whitman's music taps into any sound event you can imagine, with a view to control, to play, to understand.” - The Wire magazine

Since the mid-nineties Keith Whitman has recorded under a large variety of pseudonyms including Hrvatski and ASCIII, releasing albums via Planet Mu and others. Recent notable recordings under his own name include the acclaimed Generators (Mego Editions - 2012) and Lisbon (Kranky – 2006).

Keith Whitman will be supported by Dunedin electronic noise artist Black Yoghurt.

Dunedin - Friday 16 November at None Gallery with Black Yoghurt, 9pm, $10
Altmusic presents Keith Whitman NZ tour info - http://audiofoundation.org.nz/altmusic/artist/altmusic-presents-keith-whitman-us

Tickets avaliable via www.undertheradar.co.nz

Keith Whitman website - http://www.keithfullertonwhitman.com/
Altmusic is a programme administered by the Audio Foundation - http://audiofoundation.org.nz/altmusic
For more press info/interview info/hi-res images please contact chris@audiofoundation.org.nz

Thanks to CNZ for their continued support
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