Obese Squirrel picks

Obese Squirrel picks


is involved with all of the underground/independent radio stations in Auckland in one way or another, he regularly performs at multiple venues and organizes various bass heavy events.
He works closely with many local promoters and organizers and knows what gigs are coming often times before they are even announced. He is the breakfast host at KFM, Mon-Fri 8-10pm and is also resident MC on Boosh FM regularly contributing to various shows including: 3rd Bass radio show, Mondays 11-1am. He is a pro cannabis advocate who has performed at J Day, 420 and at the Daktory. He has performed with Drum & Bass/Dubstep internationals such as: J Star, Darren Jay, DJ Kutz, Baadclat, Oddsokz, Dubzero, David Boomah, DJ Aries and Jay Goya as well as NZ acts, Dubhead, CXL, Oogun, Evade and Hangman and so on... Projectile (Darryl Jones) also manages West-Auckland based band Aotea-Raw who are a 5 piece funky hip-hop phenomenon. Darryl has a gift for projecting what is going to be a good gig for his friends and followers so keep your eyes peeled for his recommendatory symbol.

Friday4 December
Spikey Tee (UK/Jamaica)
dnb, jungle
Ginger Minx
Mt Eden, Auckland

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