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Omokoroa Community Church   (07) 548-2515 Tauranga
Play Nightclub and Bar   (07) 571-3275 Tauranga
Crown and Badger   (07) 571-3038 Tauranga
Buddha Lounge   (07) 928-1516 Tauranga
Illuminati Superclub   (021) 132-2994 Tauranga
Mount Action Center   (07) 574-9862 Tauranga
Temple   (07) 927-9100 Tauranga
Omokoroa Boat Club   (07) 548-0960 Tauranga
Tect Theatre, Tauranga Historic Village   (07) 571-3700 Tauranga
De Bier Haus   (07) 928-0833 Tauranga
Chaos HQ Tauranga
TBA Tauranga Tauranga
Holy Trinity Tauranga   (07) 578-7718 Tauranga
Baycourt Community and Arts Centre   (07) 577-7189 Tauranga
Orange Zephyr   (07) 571-6743 Tauranga
Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre   (07) 578-6090 Tauranga
Merhaba Restaurant   (07 5779925) - Tauranga
Colosseum   (07) 571-0718 Tauranga
Lifezone Church   (07) 571-6525 Tauranga
Krazy Jacks   (07) 578-4111 Tauranga
Ngatuhoa Lodge, Kaimai Ranges Tauranga
Cornerstone Pub   (07) 928-1120 Tauranga
Brew - Craft Beer Bar   (07) 578-3543 Tauranga

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