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Friday4 Septemberrecommended by
PORTLAND PUBLIC HOUSE: Sal Valentine's Dance Class
8pm, FREE / funk, rock
VARIOUS VENUES: The Others Way Festival
7pm, $34.50 pre
Saturday5 September
DING DONG LOUNGE: Ding Dong Lounge Bands Competition Grand Final 2015
8pm, $10 door / funk, indie, rock...
8pm, $30 pre
PORTLAND PUBLIC HOUSE: Hipstamatics power up Portland
9pm, $10 door / funk, soul
Sunday6 September
FREIDA MARGOLIS: Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men
7pm, $12 pre
Monday7 September
KINGS ARMS: A Place To Bury Strangers
8pm, $49.50 pre
THE LUCHA LOUNGE: Delaney Davidson - Lucky Guy Album Release
8pm, $20 pre
Friday11 September
BACKBEAT BAR: Midnight Gallery Live
9pm, $10 pre
Saturday12 September
THE WINE CELLAR: Jerome with Albi and The Wolves and Reb Fountain
8pm, $8 pre
Wednesday16 September
THE CLARE INN: Showtime !
7:45pm, FREE / country, folk, funk...
Friday18 September
BACKBEAT BAR: Violet Highway EP Release Party
8pm, $10 pre
Saturday19 September
NECK OF THE WOODS: SpectraSoul (UK) "The Mistress" Album Tour
10pm, $25 pre, $30 door, $20 earlybirds / dnb
STUDIO: Sebastian Bach
8pm, $79 pre
THE WINE CELLAR: Eb and Sparrow - Sun/Son Album Release
7:30pm, $20 pre
Monday21 September
FREIDA MARGOLIS: Eb and Sparrow - 'Sun/Son' Album Release
7pm, $15 pre
Friday2 October
1885 BRITOMART: Lido
9:30pm, $15 pre
POWERSTATION: The Phoenix Foundation - GUYD Tour
8pm, $38 pre
Dead Little Penny + The Echo Ohs + The Mothers Eyes + Will Saunders


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