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Friday8 February 2013

DJ Philippa & DJ Ben Wah

at Goldfinch Bar, 204 Quay Street, Viaduct
About Philippa: Well-known in the underground house music scene in Auckland. Daughter of a music teacher and has Diploma in Audio Engineering. Regularly tours New Zealand. Long-standing show host on George FM. Runs Soul Productions, which specialises in Chicago-styled house music nights.

There’s a lot you can say about a DJ but the best thing for a DJ to say is nothing. Just play the records, mate. Which is what Benwah has been doing for over a decade. A DJ that prefers to let his music speak for him, Ben focuses on getting on with the job. He reads a room, sizes up the sensibility, then leads everyone on a musical journey that leaves them happy and enlightened. Not content to simply bang out the hits, he draws on his extensive knowledge and experience to unearth old and new classics to keep the audience on their toes. He’s honed his skills with an impressive resumé of gigs throughout the world, including numerous local club and bar residences. His style is difficult to pin down, a fitting testament to his willingness to explore different music and scenes. Suffice to say he knows a good track when he hears it and the right time it should be played
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