Friday28 December 2012

Issac Aesli

at Goldfinch Bar, 204 Quay Street, Viaduct
Isaac Aesili is a prolific collaborator, and has co-written songs with Mara TK, Aaradhna, Ladi6, Hollie Smith, Julien Dyne, Kiat and Opensouls. His session work includes recording for Osunlade, House of Shem, Anika Moa and Crowded House. Over the last decade Isaac has been an integral member of many New Zealand bands including: Solaa, Opensouls and Recloose Live and he has toured as a guest musician in iconic New Zealand bands Trinity Roots and Shapeshifter. Isaac’s debut solo album Eye See is signed internationally to Wonderful Noise (Japan), Soulab (France) and Grindin (Australia). Recently Isaac completed an album with his little brother Mark McNeill under the artist name Karlmarx. This forthcoming album is entitled The Karlmarx Project and is being released on German label Melting Pot Music. Currently Isaac is producing an album with Rachel Fraser due for release in 2011.

Isaac Aesili’s Eye See is futuristic soulfunk, the album, an extension of its author, is a tribute to diversity featuring collaborations with a variety of gifted New Zealand vocalists; Mara TK, Aaradhna, Rosita Vai, Rachel Fraser and Deva Mahal.
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