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Saturday15 December 2012

Tom Rodwell & Storehouse

at Golden Dawn Tavern of Power, Holy Crossroads of Ponsonby and Richmond Roads., Ponsonby
Tom Rodwell & Storehouse present their high-energy hybrid of low-tech blues, slave spirituals and risque calypso, with the sacred and profane competing for space on the dancefloor.

Improvisatory, funky and compulsively entertaining, Rodwell’s reinvention of blues as a dance form, (the raucous Storehouse live show has appeared in hundreds of clubs, festivals, galleries, rent parties and dive bars internationally since 2003), upsets purists, but also those who see this apparently ‘easy’ music as one-dimensional and static. It is instead, he insists, music that is still mutating into new shapes, away from the modern gaze, somewhere where rock n’ roll never happened.

NME: "Tom Rodwell is Sheffield's answer to Lightnin' Hopkins.”

BLUES IN LONDON: "Rodwell manages to eschew the cliches that beset blues music. By turns wild, angry, hypnotic and sensual, it's as uncompromising as it is funky and some of the best live music I've seen."

RADIO NEW ZEALAND: “You won’t find a more individual, eclectic and rhythmically compelling take on this music anywhere.”

METRO (NZ): “This is no dry exercise in ethnomusicology but a subtle reinvention of the most daring and entertaining aspects of music styles long thought atrophied.”

"You don't hear that anymore. Beautiful groove, beautiful tunes!" - Derek Trucks.

"Thanks for making my job a lot harder man. I was gonna go out there and play a bunch of bullshit, now I gotta go out there and do something," - Otis Taylor.

BLUES IN BRITAIN: "Psychotic gospel music."

BBC WORLD SERVICE: "Been a while since anyone's heard a song quite like that."

“Wonderful hypnotic boogie," - Joe Cushley (Resonance FM, London).
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