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Saturday17 November 2012

Basket of Hammers Presents !

at The Lucha Lounge, 1 York Street, Newmarket
A Rip Roaring Rocking to fuk hooley with
The Mad Crept , The Dirty Sweets .Thee Rum Coves

It's gonna be bitchin'

The Mad Crept areCreep Creep Creeping .A mix of dark dreamy guitar tones, solid animal beats, killer bass , no bullshit lyrics and haunting vocals combine to take you on one hell of a trip .These creeps know how to mess with your mind , narcotics optional

The Dirty Sweets sound has memorably been described by
New Zealand Musician Magazine as being akin to‘The Munsters at an Acca Dacca convention’. These Buddhist monkeys fly the Bogan flag boldly and think Rodney Hyde is sexy.

Rum-Cove, a great Rogue. (Dictionary of theiving slang, 1737). Born in the laboratory from the DNA of The Kinks, The Sonics and Dr Feelgood, Thee Rum Coves come blasting into your lounge like a sputnik of joy. The new sound of Maximum Rock n Soul!!
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