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Saturday10 November 2012

Beachpigs & Guests

at Kings Arms, 59 France Street, Newton
- w/ Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes, Poor You Poor Me, High Society & DJ Mound Of Sound

The Beach Pigs - I might invent a genre and put these guys in it - lets call it polite punk. Not polite in stuffy way but polite in the sense that it’s not spraying piss and vinegar all over the front row. There is a bite to this music, but it’s more of a personal vendetta than frustration with “the system”. And there is a certain warmth to this music which endears it more than vitriol can. If you like music that’s energetic and fun but has some depth behind it and doesn’t out stay its welcome then I suggest you give this a listen. - Under The Radar

Billy Robertson (Bass), Daniel Kerr (Guitar/Back Vox), Dahnu Graham (Vocals), Suren Unka (Drums), Formed in Auckland in early december 2010. Self titled E.P. on the 23rd of september 2011. influenced by pixies, modest mouse, nirvana, pavement, Dylan, beatles etc.

About Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes: Caught half way between a beat and a gent and bursting at the seams with debonair charm, the singing sensation Sal Valentine can pack a dance floor anytime, anywhere and backing him at every date is Auckland's #1 band 'The Babyshakes' - a hard hitting nine piece ensemble engineered to blow you out of the water. If you don’t get it from The Babyshakes, you ain’t gettin’ it no place else, Dig? (-facebook page)
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