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How to add a gig

It is FREE to submit gigs to Mukuna, and no registration is required.

Gigs should be music-related, and in New Zealand.

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If you have regular gigs, and a website or MySpace page to update, you may wish to create an account, also FREE. For more info, read on...

For venues & promoters — why create an account?

If you are promoting several gigs per week, you may wish to create a FREE account to save time. With an account, you can:

  • Automatically update your own website and your MySpace page when you add/edit gigs. Past gigs are archived each day, so your website and MySpace listings are always up-to-date.
  • Store info for recurring events and add recurring events several weeks at a time. There's no need to keep re-entering the same information.

How do I use it?

Log in to Mukuna to add and edit your upcoming events, which automatically updates:

  • your website
  • your MySpace page

Your gig information also becomes available to other account holders to add to the listings on their sites.

Enter your events once, see them listed in multiple places. Past events are automatically archived, so your gig guide is always up-to-date.

how Mukuna saves you time promoting your gigs

Wait, does it actually update MY site, or do I link to a page on your site?

Your events are shown on YOUR site. The look and feel can be customised to seamlessly match your site design.

How does that work?

We send you a short bit of code to paste into your site, wherever you want your gigs to appear. It works in just about any environment — HTML, PHP, ASP, Flash. We also have an API.

Does it cost anything?

Nope, nothing. It's 100% FREE.

If you don't wish to update your website and your MySpace page automatically, or to store recurring gig information, there's actually no need to create an account. You can submit gigs one at a time for free also.

How do I create an account, then?

It's as easy as filling out this form.

For punters

Where can I find gig listings?

  1. On our website at http://www.mukuna.co.nz
  2. On our mobile site at http://m.mukuna.co.nz

Can I submit a gig?

Yes. It's free and there's no need to sign up for an account. Just use our submit a gig form.

What are those small images next to certain gig listings?

Those icons represent gig recommendations. Behind the scenes there's a team of local subject matter experts who look at all the gigs in our system and highlight those that they personally recommend.

Each gig picker has his/her/its own icon. Here's a key:

Word on the street...

"We love the service that Mukuna provides." — 95bFM Station Manager

"Using Mukuna has increased the amount of traffic we receive to our website, and it provides far more information for visitors than our previous system. It gets one leg and two thumbs up from me!" — James O'Rourke - Online Content Manager, George FM

"Everything is very simple to use, and Mukuna makes updating our website quick and easy." — Ed - Owner, Supper Club

"Now our online gig guide is always up to date." — Gene Rivers - DJ, KFM Radio

"The folks at Mukuna are frakin' choice! I've found them incredibly helpful in customising their service to my specific needs, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Not only is Mukuna wonderful, so are the people behind it. Cheese on Toast ♥s Mukuna." — Andrew Tidball - Founder, Cheese on Toast

"The site is easy to use and adding gigs is a piece of cake. Gig info appears on my site as soon I upload it, and the format looks cool. Very tasty." — Mark Robinson - Site Owner, itsajazzthing.com

What's with the name?

We discovered it while flipping through a friend's biology textbook. According to Wikipedia, "Mucuna is a genus of 33 accepted species of climbing vines and shrubs of the family Fabaceae, found worldwide in the woodlands of tropical areas." The seeds are considered good luck and the flowers are pollinated at night by bats. It grows everywhere and is hard to kill.

How do you make money?

We have day jobs.

It's Makuna, right?

Nope. Makuna is the most common misspelling, perhaps because it sounds right. Makuna, mukuna... after a couple of beers there's no difference. Our server logs are full of people searching for makuna, makuna gig guide, makuna auckland, makuna wellington, makuna christchurch, makuna dunedin, gig guide makuna and the like. Makuna: too many a's and not enough u's. Moo, moo. Not maa, maa.

Terms of use: Mukuna uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate information, but we assume no liability or responsibility for any error or omission in the content, or for actions of third parties based on information provided. Everybody love everybody. There is no order.

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